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PaRay Overview

Paray Electronique is a company dedicated to developing, building and selling after-market products for motor sports and mountain bike sports.  Our unique combination of expertise in the fields of electronics, machining, performance engines and mountain biking enables us to offer innovative products.  Our production facilities include prototype electronic assembly and CNC machining.

Mountain Bike:

In the mountain bike field, we offer our Bike Data Logger, targeted to cross-country and downhill sports. Click on product to learn more. 

In the motorsport field, our product line is divided in two main categories:

  • General usage devices, not dedicated to a specific application or vehicle :
    • Programmable engine controllers
    • CDI ignition power modules
    • Wide band oxygen sensor controllers
    • Test and diagnostic instruments
      • CAN - J1939 sniffers and loggers
      • Engine position sensor simulators
  • Performance kits dedicated to vehicles: Ready to Start engine controller :
    • Honda B and K engines
    • BMW Inline 6 engines