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DashPro Jr download page

DashPro Jr is our proprietary software used to program a KLXCDI programmable ignition module through a PCLink interface.

There are two downloads available:

o   Automatic setup install file, DashProJrSetup.exe: Runs an installation script that registers the software in Control Panel (Add/Remove programs), installs shortcuts on your desktop and Start menu.

Save it on your computer, then open it and follow on screen instructions.

o   Simple zipped executable file, Just place the DashProJr.exe executable somewhere on your computer and start it from there. Minimal system alteration, no registry modification, etc.

Use this method if you prefer no fussing with your system and you are familiar enough with Windows to know how directories and executables work, and how to unzip a file.

You can get the software documentation, including a startup guide, by visiting the DashPro Jr help pages.

Version history:
1.7, Released April 23, 2018
- Ignition map properly refreshed when switching from 2D to 3D map or vice-versa.

1.6, Released May 1, 2017
- TPS value shown on main form if 3D map is effective.

1.5, Released May 1, 2016
- Shows pickup pulse amplitudes on main window for units built after March 20, 2016.

1.4, Released June 16, 2014
- Enables setting timing advance value down to 1000rpm (was 1500 before).
- Green dot lights up if PCLink device is present, even if no cdi is detected

1.2a, Released January 26, 2013
- Fixes numeric grid sometimes not available in map edit form.

1.2, Released July 13, 2012
- Fixes potential corruption of alternate map when changing cutoff rpm or safeties settings.
- Stop engine function works (requires firmware R1V2 or later in KLXCDI).
- New "Ecu/Low level controls" menu and associated window (requires firmware R1V2).
- Cleaned up user interface.

1.0, Released March 13, 2012
- Initial release.