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KLX250S/SF CDI module

KLX250 owners now have an alternative CDI ignition module available!  The PaRay KLXCDI can advantageously replace the stock CDI unit, without wiring hassles as it is a plug and play unit.

Simply disconnect your stock CDI, bolt on the PaRay KLXCDI in its place and redo the connections.

In addition to be a cost effective replacement for a defective Kawasaki CDI, the PaRay KLXCDI enables the possibility of increased engine power/torque, through more aggressive ignition timing advance.  North American KLX250S comes from the factory with only 25 timing advance above 5000rpm, a very mild value compared to other engines revving like the KLX (in particular, the Australian KLX250S, which does 35...).

Main characteristics:

• Cost effective plug and play replacement for OEM Kawasaki unit.

• Choice of two factory programmed timing curves, jumper selectable:

stock North American timing advance: 25 @5000 rpm, or

stock Australian timing advance: 35 @5000 rpm

• Arbitrary timing curve programming with the optional PCLink interface that plugs into the USB port of your computer. Works with DashProJr , our proprietary programming software.  You can even set the ignition cutoff at the rpm you want.

• Fits KLX250S/KLX250SF, model years 2006 to 2014. KLXCDI G1 covers North American 2006-2007 models, KLXCDI G2 is for Norh American 2009 to 2014 model years. KLXCDI A1 is for Australian KLX250S/SF from 2006 to 2019 (replaces Kawasaki 21119-1533).

• Robust, proven design, silicone encapsulated like the oem CDI unit.

• Covered with a one year warranty.

Click here for a detailed user manual.

Price: CDN$185 plus shipping ($189 for Australian version)

Optional PC Link interface: CDN$60 (includes our proprietary programming software)

How to order:

We currently sell the KLXCDI module through eBay, payable with PayPal or any major credit card.  Seller is "econceptm".

KLXCDI G1 on eBay (2006-2007 KLX250S, replaces Kawasaki pn 21119-1579)

KLXCDI G2 on eBay (2009-2015 KLX250S, replaces Kawasaki pn 21119-0086)

KLXCDI A1 on eBay (2006-2019 Australian KLX250S, replaces Kawasaki pn 21119-1533)


See here for more information on the PCLink interface and how to order it.